Welcome to Olya Raskina and Sveta Martynova's Windsurf Beauties camps. The upcoming camps are 16-30th of March in Cape Town, SA; 1-10th of May in Mauritius; 15-29 June at Five Square windsurf school in Dahab, Egypt.

We would like to introduce windsurfing to as many girls as possible and share our passion with them. We believe that windsurfing is the best sport for a woman, because it is fun, active, physical and bound with nature. It combines 2 basic elements: wind and water, which give you joy and freedom. Our goal is to help you learn, improve and advance in windsurfing.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Windsurf Beauties going to Morocco and JP NP Young Gun off to Dahab!

It is the last week for me on Maui right now. The whole trip was beautiful, did the JP photo shoot, sailed Hookipa a lot and, of course, surfed the most amazing spots of Maui like Honolua Bay. Here's me dropping on a local (so sorry, by accident!!! i swear ;))))) on a small day at Hookipa..i love this spot, the waves are always great there.
It was such a pleasure to work with Jimmie Hepp at Hookipa. Everyone knows Jimmie, he's a sweetheart and takes very cool pics. Thanks a lot, Jimmie. Hope we can publish some undercover shots (not posted yet) in some mags, Russian ones for sure! :)  
 Sailing starboard tack after a year of port tack was a mission, but it's always great to learn smth new. Would be awesome to come to Maui again and maybe spend a winter here..one day i do it for sure..:))
 Now i'm going to Morocco to do my windsurfing camp called Windsurf Beauties and Beasts. We've got a bunch of super motivated ladies and guys coming up and i'm sure we gonna have a great time. Surfing, sailing, visiting different towns and craft markets, can't wait to do it all. It's gonna be pretty tough for some of my ladies who's gonna learn water starting and planning in the shore break, but they are all strong girls and with the right directions, i know they gonna make it. We will be staying in Sidi Kaoke at Felix Gerl's windsurf center and sailing at a best spots there. Here are a few pics from last year, like this one in Essaouira.
 Our camp has a very good training program incl. sailing, surfing, running, yoga and other outdoor fun activities. We have ROXY and Quiksilver supporting us this year again, so every participant of the camp will get a great present from Roxy or Quiksilver.
 Last year the conditions were perfect for learning, a small friendly shore break and good steady wind in Sidi Kaoke.
 Here are girls from intermediate group learning in Essauoira.
 Right after Morocco we have a JP NP Young Gun camp in Dahab at Five Square windsurf center from 2 until 9th of June. Kids of all levels of windsurfing and age from 6 to 16 are very welcome to join us there. 
 Dahab's a great place to learn and improve your sailing with nice warm water and decent wind. It's a perfect place to come with your kids and have a great time after a hard and long school year. The kids deserve it for sure!
 We gonna have a few groups - younger and older and we'll be teaching in a fun and positive way when all kids socialize and have fun. The last 2 camps we did in August and November were great success and we are looking forward to teach kids again.
 We've got a lot of kids gear at Five Square windsurf center, so we'll be sailing a lot. Apart from that we'll have volleyball, kids yoga, water polo and other fun activities every day that the kids stay active and enjoy there time. Every evening there's a video analysis at the center and cartoons or kids parties.
 JP NP Young Gun camp is a great start for kids willing to be good at windsurfing. Look at our friend Youp Schmit, he got so good at sailing and started as a young gun. :) here's his latest video: 

for all the info, please, contact Olya at windsurf.beauties@gmail.com. Aloha!

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