Welcome to Olya Raskina and Sveta Martynova's Windsurf Beauties camps. The upcoming camps are 16-30th of March in Cape Town, SA; 1-10th of May in Mauritius; 15-29 June at Five Square windsurf school in Dahab, Egypt.

We would like to introduce windsurfing to as many girls as possible and share our passion with them. We believe that windsurfing is the best sport for a woman, because it is fun, active, physical and bound with nature. It combines 2 basic elements: wind and water, which give you joy and freedom. Our goal is to help you learn, improve and advance in windsurfing.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

windsurf Beauties camp june 2010

So many new girls came to Windsurf Beauties camp in Dahab to learn and get better in windsurfing that even Gods of wind couldn’t miss it. We had another successful and windy week with girls planning, water starting, jibing and having a lot of fun on the beach. The camp is coached by two best Russian freestylers, Olya Raskina (JP-Australia, NeilPryde, Roxy, Five Square windsurf school) and Sveta Martynova (Five Square windsurf school), who have been sailing and teaching windsurfing professionally for many years. Our camp welcomes girls of all levels, from beginners to advanced sailors. Coaching and windsurfing is perfectly combined with interesting trips, yoga, parties, filming, video analysis and photo shooting. We have a professional photographer and a cameraman working full time with us. Windsurf Beauties camp, which is supported by JP-Australia and NeilPryde, has recently got a new stylish sponsor - Roxy. At the end of the week all girls took part in a fun race to win beautiful prizes from Roxy. Every participant got a cool wallet, hat, backpack, t-shirt and many other sick presents from Roxy.

The camp took place in Dahab from 6 until 20th of June, which is the best summer time here. It is not too hot yet, but the water is nice and warm, around 27-28 degrees. We were sailing all day in Windsurf Beauties lycras without getting cold or sunburned. June is definitely one of the best months to come to Dahab. Beginners were learning how to sail in front of Five Square windsurf center, but a group of intermediates and advanced girls went to the Lagoon every day. There’s the best place to learn water starting and planning. One morning we had a warming-up session in Lagoon, but we had to run away from all the locals coming with cameras and filming us on mobile phones. Windsurf Beauties camp seems to be a sensation here in Dahab. ;) Girls were sailing all morning and all afternoon for a week, getting tired but very satisfied with their new skills. Olga Fokina from Sveta’s beginner group came to try windsurfing for the first time and during the second week of the camp she was already planning in the harness on a 130 liter board. When girls are professionally coached and look up to each other, they advance very fast.

After sailing we all had yoga to relax the tired muscles. For those girls who work all the time in the office and only have a chance to go twice a year on holiday, too much windsurfing can lead to unfortunate injuries, so it’s very important to give your body a rest in the evening. Yoga helps a lot to regain your energy. And, of course, we all need to have some fun. So we had 3 parties a week with lots of friends coming and hanging around with our windsurf beauties. One day we went on a yacht trip of the hotel Ganet Sinai around Dahab. We took friends, drinks and only positive vibes on board. First our captain drove us to the Lighthouse, but then we decided to change the course and go to swim in the Happy Life village. On our way there we met…a flock of dolphins! It was such a surprise! I’ve lived in Dahab for 5 years and I’ve never seen dolphins here before. There were so many of them, definitely more than 20. When the yacht approached them, they came to us and started surf the waves that the yacht left behind. Some of them went under the nose of the yacht and were following us there. They were so close, you could touch them. All the people on the yacht were screaming with surprise and delight. We spend a long time with them in the sea. As we came close to the beach in front of the Happy Life village, the dolphins disappeared. We were jumping in the water from the top of the yacht, swimming and having lots of fun. It was definitely one of the best trips we’ve had.

Next Windsurf Beauties camp will be again in Dahab from 14 until 28th of November, also in English, so, girls, you are all welcome to join us. For further information, please, write to Olya here: windsurf.beauties@gmail.com. Check our NEW VIDEO HERE: http://vimeo.com/13002627.