Welcome to Olya Raskina and Sveta Martynova's Windsurf Beauties camps. The upcoming camps are 16-30th of March in Cape Town, SA; 1-10th of May in Mauritius; 15-29 June at Five Square windsurf school in Dahab, Egypt.

We would like to introduce windsurfing to as many girls as possible and share our passion with them. We believe that windsurfing is the best sport for a woman, because it is fun, active, physical and bound with nature. It combines 2 basic elements: wind and water, which give you joy and freedom. Our goal is to help you learn, improve and advance in windsurfing.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Windsurf Beauties rocking in Mauritius

Two magical weeks of Windsurf Beauties camp on Mauritius went on very fast with steady winds blowing our minds away every day and beautiful warm waters clearing our heads and bodies.  
We met with the girls and our only windsurf guy Arseniy every morning at 8-30am at club Mistral for a video analysis, warming up session and a good motivation to learn new amazing things on the water. I have to say that it was not so easy to wake up that early every single day, but after 11am it got so crowded on the water that our early private sessions were the best ones ever.
We worked hard on the simulator correcting mistakes, getting a good sailing stance and trying all turns first. Then came the hard work on the water.
Our only man Arseniy came as a beginner and left the camp planning in the harness and catching many waves at little reef. Hoping to see Arseniy more often at our camps, so that we can go to One Eye next time together.
Arseniy's a very motivated and talanted kid, i'm sure he's gonna go far.
Our little windsurf beauty Dasha also came as a beginner with a little 2.6m2 sail and a 90l board but left with a few solid water starts and nicely planning on a 3.5m2 sail. Great future for the kids, so happy to see the sport moving into the right direction.
Our windsurf beauty Tanya just started windsurfing and it wasn't easy at all to learn with a big sail and in a full power strong wind. But she did amazingly well and learned a lot. With a busy schedule of surfing, kiting and sailing, Tanya with her best friends Lena and Katya couldn't come to sail with us every day but we are hoping to see them more often at our camps so that they can truly experience the freedom and joy of sailing.
Katya was sailing first time on a 150l board and a big sail. Great effort and commitment from her side and here she's sailing away.
Lena first time trying to windsurf.
Our beauties having a great time in Mauritius..
Dasha's learning planning with the harness and a very big sail for her 30kg.
Windsurf baby Anna having a little break and a big laugh.
Dasha's planning so fast now, hard to catch up..
Beginners and Intermediates are learning in the flat Lagoon with the view over the best wave ever called One eye..
Mauritius from our window in La Gaulette.
Olya on One Eye..
Marina after an amazing surf..
Yulia rigging the gear..
Our next camp will take place in Dahab, Egypt at Five Square windsurf center from 6 until 20th of October. There are still places available, so you are more that welcome to join in and write to Olya here: windsurf.beauties@gmail.com. See you in Dahab!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Little Windsurf Beauties are rocking in Mauritius

We all finally arrived to our beloved Mauritius for the Windsurf Beauties camp and a Russian movie Made in Ocean that we will be working on for the next month. The island is a paradise for windsurfing and surfing of all levels, ages and desires of the most sophisticated and picky beauties. Every day we wake up and feel grateful to be here and enjoy this magnificent island. This is the view from our window..;) Right now it's winter time in Mauritius, so sometimes it rains and get a bit cloudy but from this little rain the island just gets greener and greener every day.
 We are still waiting for all the students to arrive, officially the camp starts at 11am on 17th of August. But until then i have some time to teach little beauties sailing. That's our youngest beauty Anna, she's only 8 years old, but already holding on to her 1.6m2 sail and doing tacks and jybes inside the lagoon.
Sails and boards are ready, time to go on the water with 3 lil beauties..everyone's motivated to have a good time.
 Blue eyes and blue lagoon...lil beauties making lil faces...
 Today after sailing we took a ride along the island and found this interesting house with a beautiful cross..We could hardly guess it was a church until a very nice lady invited us inside and showed us the place..
 This is how it looks like from the inside...mirrors, hand made couches and lamps, craft workshops and an amazing peaceful atmosphere..
We found a lot of funny things inside and had a great time. All people there were from SA, very nice and friendly.. we gonna come back on Sunday 9am to see how it actually works..couldn't resist a coffee with croissants after the prayer :))))
 A monkey and a mirror..
 After the church we headed on to the top of the world..
Saw an unforgettable sunset and enjoyed a great view over our village..
Tomorrow the forecast looks very promising for an early surf and afternoon sail with a few lessons in between. good night, everyone, and a very good day tomorrow! more news coming up soon...all pics taken by Lena Bam.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

MAURITIUS here we gooooooooo

Windsurf Beauties and Beasts camp, our international windsurf clinics for guys and girls, are going to rock in Mauritius from 17 until 28th of August full power. :) For those, who has never been there, i have to say it's gonna be an amazing quality time with lots of sailing, wave riding, surfing, SUP for those who like it :) and, of course, a lot of sight seeing. Mauritius is an incredibly beautiful and fantastic island, very peaceful and definitely worth going to.
Thanks a lot to our student, Yulia Soshnikova, for those amazing pics. Yulia visited Mauritius a lot of times, she loves this island, her photography skills are great but we are gonna be working hard together on her sailing skills in our advanced group. :) A nice gybe and full power planning at the end of the week is in our agenda one time. A few other students are already in Mauritius, one of them is Sergey who flew all the way from Japan in order to sail and surf with us. Manawa and One Eye are one the agenda for Sergey, just hoping that it's windy every day.
The nature in Mauritius is simply breathtaking, especially the sunsets.
 A bit of wild life for those who love it. :)
 No fishermen in our crew, so only surfing at the sunset...and the sunrise..:)
 Some more of Mauritius locals..
 The guys are at least 100 years old and they weight more than 200 pounds each. The best place to see them is in one of the luxury restaurants called Domaine Anna where they have there own garden and i bet they eat good as well.
 This is a view over Le Morne, i think that day we went to put a tower to film the One Eye action. We definitely gonna do it again this time, especially when we start shooting our new movie.
For those, who would like to join our camp, we still have some places, so u can contact Olya anytime here: windsurf.beauties@gmail.com. 1 week of the camp (lessons, photo,video, other activities) costs 350 euros, all the camp (11 days) is 500 euros. For the accommodation, rental and everything else, please email me.

 Keeping fingers crossed for some extra good conditions for sailing and surfing, been missing it for a long time. So far my good friends are there saying the 4 meter swell is pumping but the wind is still there to come. Let's hope for a strong one. :)