Welcome to Olya Raskina and Sveta Martynova's Windsurf Beauties camps. The upcoming camps are 16-30th of March in Cape Town, SA; 1-10th of May in Mauritius; 15-29 June at Five Square windsurf school in Dahab, Egypt.

We would like to introduce windsurfing to as many girls as possible and share our passion with them. We believe that windsurfing is the best sport for a woman, because it is fun, active, physical and bound with nature. It combines 2 basic elements: wind and water, which give you joy and freedom. Our goal is to help you learn, improve and advance in windsurfing.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Windsurf Beauties&Beasts ;) are going to Morocco.

We are happy to announce our new camp.

dates: 1st until 22nd of May.

spot: Sidi Kaouki, windsurf center Starboard/Hot Sails Maui of Felix Gerl. We will have a "mobile" windsurf center traveling from one spot to another according to the conditions and the level of participants. For example, an intermediate group can sail at Essaouira and pros at Sidi or other places.

duration: 7, 10, 14, 21 day.

in the program: windsurfing and surfing lessons, photo and video sessions, yoga, trips to Essaouira, parties.

flight: to Agadir and Marakesh. The cheapest i found was by Royal Air Maroc (from Russia it was 350 euros) with 40 euros for a windsurf equipment (if you bring your own).

transfer: from Agadir or Marakesh to Sidi Kaouki 8 people in 1 minibus 1 way - 120 euros, 3 people 1 way in a taxi - 70 euros.

Rental: 1 week inc. transfers 210 euros with transfers (inc. a discount for the wb camps esp.) + 20 euros more for renting surfboards.

Lessons: 1 week is 350 euros, 2 weeks - 680 euros. The price includes lessons of windsurfing and surfing, photo and video sessions, yoga, parties.

Food at the restaurant of the center: Breakfast: 3 euro/day/person (inkl drinks)

Lunch: 5 euro/day/person

(inkl 1 soft drink)

Dinner: 9 euro/day/person (inkl 1 soft drink)

You should have with you a 4-5mm wetsuit (it's Atlantic ocean, the water is not really warm) and a harness.

Unfortunatelly, we are not taking complete beginners with us, but you already had a beginner course, don't be afraid and push yourself to a new level. ;) We will have intermediate-advanced classes. Both girls and guys are welcome to join us.

for all the additional info, contact Olya: windsurf.beauties@gmail.com

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Windsurf Beauties camp won't happen in March in Dahab

Dear girls,
we have to cancel our windsurf beauties camp in Dahab in March due to your security reasons. So far it has been totally safe and peaceful in Dahab, but the political situation in Egypt is getting worse, things are totally out of control, so we cannot take the risk and make the camp in March. We are hoping that Dahab will stay as safe as it has been and eventually everything will get back to normal here in Egypt. Then we will go back to our beloved Dahab and keep up with the camps here. At the moment we are running windsurf beauties camp with a few participants improving their skills every day. The wind has been amazing, blowing every day.
Today we had a light south wind session with a lot of new freestyle moves to learn. We had a lof of fun, as it was so warm that some girls were sailing in bikinis.
Some girls came here to try windsurfing for the first time and they loved it. Right now we are planning to make the next camp in Marocco where everyone will be able to learn how to sail in waves. It will be a great time in the ocean.
A very famous Ukranian windsurfer Sergey Gunko teaches yoga now in our camp. He know so many different ways to make girls relaxed after the windsurf session that they ask for yoga every single day. ;) It's a perfect mix of exercise and relaxation.
Soon we will provide all the information about the camp in Marocco, so stay tuned. All the best!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Camp in March

Dear girls,
the situation in Egypt is very unstable at the moment, you all watch the news and know what's happening. We suggest you not to go to Egypt in the near future and probably the camp in March will be cancelled. Please, if it is still possible cancel your trips or change the destination. we will be working on new destination for windsurf beauties in the next few weeks. we'll keep you informed here and you can always email me at windsurf.beauties@gmail.com. Olya