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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Second week on Maui, the wind and swell's pumping. super stocked!

Yeah, these were 2 amazing weeks on Maui so far, freestyling a lot at the beginning but lately only going to the waves, cos the swell's so good. This is how Hookipa looked like this morning..
It's so inspiring to see local guys and girls ripping..
Warm water, beautiful waves and good wind, Maui's a perfect place to be if u surf and sail..
For me Hookipa's a bit hard, rocky and crowded, so i go to sail here..another magical place on Maui, no rocks, just a beautiful reef break..
Well, a bit of rocks on the way out, but it's ok..
A bit of swim pass the rocks and you are out there..
Where's the pink sail?!...;)))))
I've been struggling a lot with the wind from the right, it's not so easy when you are goofy, addicted to port tack and..and a girl..;))))...but today i loved starboard tack sailing so much..the waves were mast high on big sets, perfectly clean and powerful..it's the best feeling ever..
Only a few people out, all enjoying and cheering up each other..i think i started enjoying the wind from the right..
But the cut back needs days,..no, weeks..ok, probably, years in my case of experience..;))) but i'm working on it all the time..;))
what a great day ;)))
thanks a lot to Ralf Simon for the pics..and here's another Maui local..chilling while we are sailing..the best life style..;))
more news soon..Aloha!!!

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