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We would like to introduce windsurfing to as many girls as possible and share our passion with them. We believe that windsurfing is the best sport for a woman, because it is fun, active, physical and bound with nature. It combines 2 basic elements: wind and water, which give you joy and freedom. Our goal is to help you learn, improve and advance in windsurfing.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Windsurf Beauties and Beasts in Morocco 2012

Second year in a row we've had Windsurf Beauties and Beasts camp in the most beautiful and quiet little village of Morocco, Sidi Kaouki. This time we had a nice group of Russian windsurfers very keen to sail waves and improve their skills on the water. First 2 days there was no wind, so we were surfing, traveling and sightseeing until the action began. The swell was not big, just 1-1.5 meter waves with good wind which were the perfect conditions for our girlie "beauties" intermediate group and guys "beasts" advanced group. Sergey (pic below) from advanced group came all the way from Japan to learn a forward loop.
Roxy and Quiksilver were supporting our camp, so all participants got beautiful presents from our favorite brands. Marina keen to go surfing for the first time..  
Igor from advanced group never sailed waves before, he's only been windsurfing in Dahab for a few years and came to Morocco to our camp to learn wave riding. He's 56 years old, fit and very keen to sail better. From the first day he learned to pass the shore break and came back on a wave. Great man and amazing student, here's a Igor going throw the waves..   
A few times after sailing we went sighseeing to Essaouira, a beautiful local fisherman town with a port, old fortress, bazaar in the heart of the city and numerous craft shops. 
Nataly in the fortress posing a bit..:)
All together we've only had 3 windy days and the rest of the time we were surfing and bodyboarding. Of course, that's not enough to get good in the waves, but it's a great start and an unforgettable experience of wave riding in Morocco. All the students left eager to come back and get more air and ocean time, asking when the next camp is gonna take place. Here's Sergey in the waves..
 Me in Essaouira..
The best fresh orange juice we've ever tried is here..in Essaouira, Morocco.
 Sergey and Roman getting ready to go surfing.
 Nataly on a wave..
One of the presents we've got from Quiksilver..thanks guys!
Sergey on a wave..
Me, Sergey and Marina going to surf our local spot in Sidi, right in front of the center.
Me on a wave..
Roman with his dream surf board - the white shark..
 Our only body boarder Igor catching some nice ones..
Marina wearing a Roxy t-shirt, her present..
 When we knew there ain't gonna be wind, we left on a bike trip to Atlas mountains.
 When we got to the beginning of the mountains our car started boiling, but we've solved the problem and got to the top of the hill.
While we were waiting for the car to cool down, someone passed by..
Roman tried to scare the little turtle but she had her secret weapon..pissed all over his hand..
 We finally got to the top of the hills and had the most beautiful trip downhill..amazing virgin nature, everything green and noone around..
Breath taking sunset we've seen after the surf trip to Imesouane.  
 Most of the students already left, but me and 3 other friends are staying another couple of days, so there's gonna be more pics and news. stay tuned! next camp we gonna have is JP NP Young Guns in Dahab at Five Squares windsurf center. For all the info, please, write to Olya here: windsurf.beauties@gmail.com.